medium roast blend

Fairtrade and Organic certified, this coffee is roasted to showcase complexity; dark berries and citrus acidity with an earthy, nutty finish. This coffee is ideal for plunger through to milk based espresso drinks, it is great as a short black where the complexity and acidity shine.

dark roast blend

Another of our Fairtrade and Organic certified coffees, this is a variation of our medium blend, same beans, but with different ratios and roasted darker, just to the second crack. This delivers an intense smooth flavour with a touch of smokiness, no third wave citrus flavours here. If you like your coffee old school, this is the one for you, great for a latte.

   alpha blend

A full bodied coffee, combining Brazilian and Papua New Guinea beans. It is a blend of darker and medium roasts, with a mouthful of flavor. It has a clean smokiness that makes it a great way to start the day. Good for plunger or drip.


A medium roast, this single estate Papua New Guinea coffee has great balance. A mellow but still flavorful coffee with a taste that lingers, hints of blackcurrant, malt and nuts. Great in a plunger or drip, but also suitable for a mild espresso.

  decaffeinated roast

A medium roast full body and smoky flavour. This coffee is certified organic and was processed using the chemical free Swiss water method; it contains less than 1% caffeine. Great any way you like to prepare coffee.

We can’t believe it’s not caffeinated.

  tin shed

Fairtrade and Organic certified, a medium / dark roast, with beans from the pacific region and Central America. This is our most popular coffee and falls between our medium and dark roasts in terms of flavour complexity and that big chocolate taste. Great however you like to drink your coffee, pretty intense as a short black.